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January 20, 2019

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Whazzzzuuuppppppp Shidonna? I'm just sittin here chillin, probably the same as your doing! You better be gettin supa good grades since you lfet us all here for a bigger better place! Awe :( you keeping Bri outta trouble too right? HaHa Anyways email me:

Hiya Melanie! Now when your bored you can check out my webpage and everytime you read this you'll get a message: WRITE LACEY and SEND PICTURES! got it now girlie? LoL! I'll be seein you this summer (June 16th)!!!! WRite me!

Sarah, Sarah whats happening in Dartmouth? Partyin hard with Katie and Hillary? Been clubbin in your disco-tec clothes lately? LoL When you come down this summer time I promise we'll wear em to a cupmatch party one night. K? Talk to you soon!